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The Art Of Garden Design


Raising your garden "Up"


       If your land is unsuitable due to past chemical contamination, too many rocks or too much clay, this raised bed technique will give you an alternative to achieve an easier and safer install. Raised garden beds provide control over the type and consistencies of soil you are planting in. This allows for a customized mix of soil and nutrients that will nourish your garden. Bringing the garden "up" to You, can also make the project more accessible for the elderly or a "special need gardener". 

       The raised garden can be constructed from wood, stone, brick or just piled or bermed soil. These items may be found or recycled which keeps items from going to landfills. Please Note: never use "pressure treated" wood of any kind (including railroad ties). The chemicals used in these items are toxic and will contaminate your food garden. 

"Plant A Seed Today For Tomorrow."


      In 2008,  Kreidler Design introduced FarmYourYard© after realizing her customers enjoyed incorporating edible plant material into their decorative garden plans. 


       Our designer visits your home or business for a two-hour consultation to help you plan your garden so you are ready to plant this season. They can also provide detailed drawings for you to work from on a long-term plan or they can "design, build and plant". 

       Let Kreidler Design help you grow your own food in your own yard. By using sustainable, organic farming techniques, you will be eating healthier, know where your food is coming from and how it was grown.