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         These six beautiful gardens illustrate the wide range of creativity and style which are implemented
to fulfill the customer's dreams. When Kreidler Design is retained as general contractor to "design and build,"
we guarantee the integrity of the original design concept from ground breaking through completion.

           Project 1  After designing the new addition for a deck and sun room on the rear of a Northern Kentucky
home, Kreidler Design installed a series of dramatic walkways and stone terraces to enable the
owners to utilize the property's extreme slope.


          Project 2  The installation pictured below, required Kreidler Design to transport 42 tons of sandstone from an abandoned quarry located in South Eastern Ohio to the project site in upper state New York. These photos sequence through the building process from start to finished wall, staircase and surrounding garden.

        The south face of this home overlooks an expansive view of Lake Chautauqua. Kreidler Design incorporated a staircase with three observation decks providing peacefull resting spots when walking to and from the boat dock.

          Project 3   This water feature, designed and installed on a Indian Hill estate in the summer of 1996, was a commemorative garden to honor the wedding of the client's daughter.  Attention to detail was of particular importance although the site was small in size. Kreidler Design fabricated a custom iron gate at the entrance, incorporated limestone bull nose pool surrounds, stone walls and subtle mono filament lighting to create an enchanted room surrounded by soft evergreen hedges.  

          Project 4   This small enclosed courtyard was void of life until introducing two espalier taxus evergreens, reconfiguring the paving to accommodate their planting and adding a wall mounted water feature. This low maintenance solution is a wonderful example of receiving a dramatic effect
from a simple idea.

          Project 5   The second project in Chautauqua, New York, was to create a more welcoming feel for guests when approaching the home's entrance, Kreidler Design added a number of concentric raised beds, tightly planted with native fauna and new York's indigenous stone surrounding a fish themed water feature. These new elevations created interest and a private forecourt in the once flat, uninteresting front yard.

         Project 6   An Asian style garden, gave a unique facelift to the outdated facade of this 1960's style Cincinnati home. Nestled at the end of a quiet, wooded street this residence became a place for retreat and calm meditation after introducing an enclosed courtyard of large sandstone blocks, water feature and a cool pallet of green plants.

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