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Beautiful Gardens

       What fun to just look and dream! Even in the rain...especially in the rain, there is a soft, quiet thankfulness.

       These two photos of a woodland themed garden located in Mt. Auburn, represents the vivid pallet of color displayed in its' Spring season and the Fall. Working with the owners over the last seven years this neglected landscape has been transformed into a magical environment where a visitor may want to "get lost in the woods."

       My backyards have always been Kreidler Design's "test kitchens."  I believe that by growing and nurturing a plant, I will be able to better predict the success of a specific variety for a customer's project.
This also gives me an excuse to purchase additional plants and I love to garden.

       A controlled chaos is one style of design I employ to mimic Mother Nature.

      The sparkle and sound of a water feature can add another dimension to a garden's ambiance and attract wildlife into your environment.

       Even in the Winter months the garden should provide an interesting landscape. 

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