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What We Do
          A Cincinnati artist working in horticulture, focusing on all aspects of imaginative design. Allocation of space, selection of plant material and appropriate furnishing for extensive to intimate outdoor rooms.
          If your interest is water gardens, growing fruits and vegetables for food or wonderful flowers, our design will accommodate that interest. By incorporating ideas, such as fragrance and color into your garden, your senses will come alive as the garden grows. Working in your garden is not only fun and great exercise but creates a wonderful sense of inner calm and peace.

         With versatility and experience Kreidler Design can satisfy residential, commercial and public assignments. Our firm focuses on imaginative but practical solutions which are unique to the individual and never used twice.

          Sustainability is a feature that needs to be addressed from the onset of the project and carried through to completion. The owners of this beautifully restored, 1819 historic property, asked that the new landscape design reflect the home's understated elegance, be practical when they entertained and easily maintained.

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